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The Thump Pad

The Thump Pad is an ultra-durable pouch filled with a shock-absorbing gel that drastically reduces the shock of driving over a pothole large enough to damage a vehicle (AKA Thumper). Users ranging from municipal workers to the common citizen can throw the Thump Pad into a thumper, effectively quelling the dangers that are presented by potholes instantly.  

Immediate Fix

The Thump Pad is the ONLY “throw-and-go” method for patching potholes. Users can simply walk up to a thumper and throw the Thump Pad into the deepest part of the pothole, and then walk away. The shape and size of the Thump Pad keeps it fixed inside of the pothole regardless of weather conditions and heavy traffic. No adhesives, measurements or any other processes are needed! 

Once municipality employees have the time and/or weather permits to patch a thumper correctly, the employee can simply pick up the Thump Pad to use in another thumper for up to 6 months. 



Current temporary pothole repair methods like asphalt patches are at a high risk of failure when it is cold or wet outside. If the asphalt patch does not sufficiently adhere to the bottom of the pothole, the material used to patch the pothole will come out of the pothole within a matter of days. Thus, a failed pothole patch is a waste of time and money. The ultra-durable pouch containing our proprietary, shock-absorbing gel can withstand heavy traffic that it’ll face within the pothole, even if the pothole is filled with water and sub-zero temperatures are present.    


Compared to conventional methods of temporary pothole repair, the Thump Pad is much safer for the environment. Unlike the production of materials like asphalt, all the materials used to fabricate the Thump Pad are completely nontoxic. The amount of energy needed to use and store the Thump Pad are virtually non-existent.